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Reading B3(2)

Прочитайте текст и заполните пропуски 1 – 6 частями предложений
A – G. Одна из частей в списке А – G – лишняя.

The monster fish announced itself with four huge blows of its tail, thrashing against the net that had trapped it in the Mekong River.
It was a rare giant catfish, 1__________________.
At 2.7 meters in length and weighing 293 kilogram, it may be the biggest freshwater fish ever recorded.
But in one of the world’s more surprising mysteries, nobody really knows which is the biggest species of fish lurking under the waters of the Mekong or the Amazon or the Yangtze or the Congo or the Colorado or Lake Baikal.
When the giant catfish was caught in May, a biologist named Zeb S. Hogan rushed here to take a look. It was his first trophy 2__________________.
Sponsored by the National Geographic Society and the World Wildlife Fund, 3__________________.
He has started with the Mekong, which he said has seven species of giant fish, more than any other river, along with at least 750 other species. All of them are threatened –4__________________– by overfishing, pollution and development, including major dam projects.
The Mekong giant catfish may be 5__________________. The few that remain can be spotted now only in central Cambodia and here, just below the Golden Triangle, where northern Thailand, Laos and Myanmar meet.
No one has made a credible claim to top this year’s trophy, Mr. Hogan said. "I keep expecting people to send me photos or records of larger fish, 6__________________,” Mr. Hogan said. "But that’s kind of the point of the project. Let’s gather all the information that’s out there and decide which is the largest freshwater fish.”

A.      like river fish around the world
B.      in a project to identify the world’s largest freshwater fish in the hope of slowing their extinction
C.      but nobody has
D.      and it took five boatmen an hour to pull it in and 10 men to lift it when they reached the shore in this remote village in northern Thailand
E.     but we couldn’t weigh it
F.    Mr. Hogan has embarked on an 18-month expedition that will take him to five continents
G.    the first to disappear from the river, he said